Soka Technology can customize and produce the required structural parts according to customer needs.

1,Silicon nitride riser tube

The riser tube made of silicon nitride has high-temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient (less deformation), good sealing, smooth through holes, low porosity, no slag buildup, no corrosion, no impurities, greatly improved Improve the quality of metal products.

2,Silicon Nitride Ball Valve

The silicon nitride ball valve with silicon nitride valve ball and valve seat as the core has the characteristics of erosion resistance, corrosion resistance, and high and low-temperature resistance. At the same time, the silicon nitride ball has self-lubricating properties, and the friction coefficient is low during valve switching. The coupling with the valve seat is tighter, the sealing performance is better, and the service life is dozens of times that of general steel ball valves.



3, Silicon Nitride Fiber Wheel

Silicon nitride ceramics are resistant to high and low temperatures and have a low thermal expansion coefficient (commonly known as thermal expansion and contraction). Silicon nitride fiber optic wheels have applied this performance and have been used in aerospace, seabed exploration, and other instruments.

4,Silicon Nitride Grinding Disc

Silicon nitride grinding discs, impeller blades, etc. are widely used in the field of powder grinding as a chassis.
As the hardness of silicon nitride ceramics is very large, second only to substances such as diamonds, there is almost no loss during the grinding process, and the impurities brought into the product are also minimal.